Windsor Prepare for Organic Waste Recycling

Windsor is preparing to introduce organic waste recycling to try and bring up the local recycling levels.

The provincial target is to have 60% of waste recycled and diverted from the landfill — local figures are around 38%.

"The issue that we have locally is contamination so people putting the wrong things in the wrong bins, not really following the rules even though they think they are, and so if you go to the Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority website, they have a recycling guide and we don't take Styrofoam, we don't take plastic bags," says Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens.

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, Dilkens says eventually there will be a green bin.

"Green is your kitchen and food waste, and that would get sent to a facility where it would be, it's called a digester, and it would get digested and then ultimately turned back into compost or pellets to be used as fertilizer."

He says the province is forcing municipalities, the size of Windsor to introduce organic recycling.

"It will be mandatory to do organic recycling over the next few years so we are preparing and it is very expensive to do but we are preparing all of the steps needed to take us there because it is a good thing to do and it is right for the environment."

Under the Strategy for a Waste-free Ontario, certain urban municipalities would need to have organic waste collection by 2022.