Windsor Public Library To Show Outdoor Movies This Summer

Something new this summer from the Windsor Public Library.

CEO Kitty Pope says the library recently purchased a large inflatable screen to show outdoor movies.

She says the screen, along with the projector, were bought after receiving ward funds from some city councillors.

Pope feels showing movies outdoors will be a hit with the community.

"Can you imagine coming down to the Windsor Public Library and watching the Sound of Music on a big screen outside with your family having a picnic? It will be amazing. We think it's just another way that we can re-engage with the community."

She says movies will be shown outside of branches, but believes different user groups will be interested in renting the screen as well.

"We will have it at the branches because, of course, we're the Windsor Public Library, but I know community groups will be coming to us and saying, "Can we use your equipment?" because they'll want to show movies like 'Jaws' in the middle of summer some where in some park," says Pope.  "So a combination of both cause that's what Windsor wants."

The screen and projector also came with a generator.

Pope says the goal is to start showing movies within the next couple of weeks.