Windsor Real Estate Market Rated One Of The Best In Canada

Windsor is being recognized as one of the best places in Canada to buy real estate.

Financial publication 'Money Sense' placed Windsor in the Top 10 of its annual 'Where To Buy Now' ranking with the market fitting in right in the tenth spot.

Real Estate Broker Dan Gemus says affordability is one of the Windsor market's biggest assets.

"I don't see that evaporating," says Gemus. "I think right now, obviously we've been seeing the medium prices rising, but at the same time we are still one of the most affordable places in the country."

Gemus says the ranking is recognition of a hot market, with housing sales in the region seeing double-digit increases month over month.

"I don't really see that slowing down too much. That being said, we've also seen an increase in listings in the market this year versus last year, so there [are] most listings hitting, it's just not keeping up with demand," says Gemus.

Real Estate Broker Goran Todorovic with Re/Max feels Windsor's economic landscape is strong enough to keep it as one of the best places to buy for the foreseeable future.

"I really believe with the money being put in Chrysler and Ford Motor Company, this will carry us well into 10, 15 years from now," says Todorovic.

"Real estate is all about location and Windsor is in a good spot," he says. "Our location is dynamite. We're sitting on the border. We have the best weather as far as I'm concerned. We're within 20 minutes of a major airport, within minutes of any major sporting attraction — we have it all."

Nearby London came in 17th, Toronto came in at 13th while top spot went to Guelph.