Windsor Receives $125k From Ottawa For Flooding Study

The City of Windsor is getting half a million dollars from Ottawa, with a portion of it used for a flood risk study.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Government of Canada have announced $12-million for 159 initiatives across the country.

Four of the initiatives in Windsor include $125,000 for a flood risk study for Riverside, East Riverside and Lake St. Clair.

Another $125,000 is being used for energy plans for two wastewater treatment plants, $125,000 is for the Active Transportation Master Plan Study and $125,000 is for an energy retrofit strategy.

Although it is a good start, Mayor Drew Dilkens says the city is looking for a lot more.

"This is a very very small piece," he says. "So last week we actually made application for $89-million worth of funding to a different program."

The money received is mostly for studies and reports which Dilkens says is crucial in the big picture.

"Why the background study, information and the reports are really important is that once the government then roles out their phase two infrastructure plans, they are looking for shovel ready projects to fund."

The east Windsor and Riverside areas have been hit with two significant flooding events in 2016 and 2017.  

The city is looking into the vulnerability of the drainage system and the study that is being funded will focus on the flood risks to an aread along Riverside Dr. and inland which is about 6km long and includes 7, 481 parcels of land.

--With files from AM800's Peter Langille