Windsor Regional Hospital Being Watched

Some interesting news about Windsor Regional Hospital.

For the past three years, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan has been using the local organization and it's management style in his course study.

President and CEO David Musyj says he got a call about a week a go — thinking it was scam — he didn't answer the first time, but on the second call, he picked up.

He says the professor on the other end said he's been following the progress of the hospital since he learned about them on a TV program a few years a go.

Musyj says it's gratifying that the team at Windsor Regional Hospital is not only having an impact in this region, but in another part of the country as well.

"Others across Canada are watching us and watching what we're doing and replicating it and teaching others in different industries on the programs and systems we've put into place here and replicating them in other areas," says Musyj.

He says since getting the phone call last week, the two parties are now working together.

"We had a long conversation and have exchanged e-mails and now what's going to happen is, we offered to be part of his curriculum and skype into the class and talk about what we're doing here in Windsor."

According to Musyj, the professor is interested because Windsor Regional Hospital uses tools that are typically used in the private sector.

Not only has the University of Saskatchewan taken notice, according to Musyj, the local workers compensation organization in Saskatchewan is looking to implement some of Windsor Regional Hospitals practices.