Windsor Regional Hospital Celebrates Super Bowl Sunday

You may not connect having a baby with Super Bowl Sunday, but Windsor Regional Hospital does.

This is the fourth year the hospital has something special planned for newborns.

The President of the Hospital Auxiliary has knitted football shaped cocoons to place the babies in.

Hospital spokesperson Gisele Seguin says the idea has generated a lot of interest.

"I had one person call, believe it or not, saying "My nephew is having a baby and I'm really hoping it's on Sunday." You know, people are really getting into it that much. I've had people actually try to steal the footballs, so I have a tight rein on the footballs."

She says volunteer Fae Gillespie came up with the idea.

"She is the president of our auxiliary, most people are familiar with the gift shop. She's here about six days a week as a volunteer. She's just really committed to this place and came up with the idea and knits them herself."

Seguin says they average 10 to 12 births a day, but that's hard to predict.

"Nowadays certain births are actually scheduled. So naturally some of that is not just chance, but we haven't had Super Bowl twins yet, so there's a challenge."

Seguin says a group photo is planned for all the babies born Sunday before 4pm.