Windsor Regional Hospital CEO Shares Management Style

For one afternoon the President and CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital went from leader to teacher.

On Thursday, David Musyj addressed a class from the Edward School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan.

The web chat comes after a professor at the school reached out to Musyj, saying he's been using the hospital and it's management style as part of his course study for around five years.

Musyj says it's always encouraging to be noticed.

"This work that our team is doing is really good work and, to be recognized like this, for our team members to be recognized in the middle of Canada and to be asked to talk about what we're doing and representing our team, is an honour," says Musyj.

The message he's trying to get across is that each issue within an organization needs to be looked at from different angles.

"From a business lens, from a quality improvement lens, from a data lens and to have those individuals with those expertise there to help and support the nurses and the doctors," says Musyj.

A second session has been scheduled for this spring, where the business class will get a walking tour of Windsor Regional Hospital and a behind the scenes look at the scenes business operation.