Windsor Regional Hospital Launches App

There's now an app available when it comes to the most commonly-treated medical conditions at Windsor Regional Hospital.

It covers everything from knee replacement and hip fractures to heart failure and stroke.

Hospital Manager of Communications Allison Johnson says the "app" sends out notifications of useful information and is interactive.


Windsor Regional Hospital Manager of Communications Allison Johnson holding their new "app", Ouellette Campus, March 2, 2018 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

Right now it covers eight key types of treatment that are the most common. 

Along with advice before a treatment, Johnson says it will help guide people after they've left the hospital as well. "It says for example, make a follow-up appointment with your doctor.  If you don't have a family doctor here's a number to call.  If you want more information about heart and stroke here are some links to useful information and some phone numbers."

Johnson says a physician may give a patient a lot of information, but after hearing a life altering diagnosis many people will forget what was said and the app will have that.

The eight conditions they cover now are COPD, heart failure, hip fracture, hip replacement, knee replacement, pneumonia and two different kinds of stroke.