Windsor Regional Hospital Left Wondering Where Funding Is For Second Cath Lab Table

Windsor Regional Hospital officials are asking questions when it comes to funding for a catheterization lab.

Hospital CEO David Musyj says government money was promised back in 2014 for a second table, but is yet to arrive.

Musyj tells CTV Windsor many patients have to head up the 401 or across the borer for immediate care. "To say we're now in 2018 and we still haven't moved ahead is a big disappointment. We need this. We needed this before. We need it now. We've been waiting for four years and there's no reason why this project shouldn't be moving ahead immediately," he says.


Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj (photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

The latest numbers from the Canadian Institute for Health show patients undergoing cardiac surgery in Windsor have a 98% survival rate — that's above both the provincial and national average.

The lab performs 3,000 procedures each year, a number Musyj says could be doubled if a second table was installed.

Cath lab director Dr. Kushel Dighe tells CTV Windsor the local lab is the only one in the province operating with just one table. "It should have been done many years. I don't know why there is a waiting period so long for having a second table," she says. "There are places that have three or four tables. So why are we struggling to get a second table?"

Musyj says he hopes the next premier of Ontario will see the importance of the project and act immediately. 

The cost to add a second table to the cath lab is $10-million with the province expected to fund $7-million to $8-million.