Windsor Regional OB Unit Wins International Award

The obstetrics department at Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH) is being recognized for excellence.

The MORE OB program is being given the Recognition Award which highlights the 119 member team's success in participating in skills training, emergency drills and workshops.

The program has also been presented with the International Patient Safety Award for its Quiet Time — Baby Bonding at its Best technique.

WRH Clinical Practice Manager Devon Lanspeary says new moms and their babies appreciate the space the quiet time allows:

"Very often we have positive feedback from our families just saying I may not have known about it ahead of time," says Lanspeary "But it was absolutely amazing and we appreciated the opportunity to have the visitors leave and just to be able to start the bonding with my family and that's what its all about."


Devon Lanspeary, Clinical Practice Manager, WRH OB unit (photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

New mom Katelyn Solyuk was having baby Beckett during quiet time, but she's looking forward to it today:

"We had our first baby here as well, and I found in the last 2-and-a-half years it completely changed just the way they teach especially for breast feeding it's more relaxedand I felt more confident this time," says Solyuk.


New mom Katelyn Solyuk and dad Andrew with baby Beckett at WRH (photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

Lanspeary says the system allows the parents permission to ask visitors to leave so they can get that quiet time.

About 300 babies are born at the Met campus every month, there were close to 3800 births in 2016.