Windsor Regional Requests Information About Safe Access Zones

Prompted by concerns raised by the public, Windsor Regional Hospital is requesting information about creating a safe access zone.

Under the Safe Access to Abortion Services Act clinics offering the service have a 50-metre access zone.

It's a space where no-one can infringe on a person seeking an abortion or try to persuade them to change their mind.

The legislation sets the property line as the access zone of hospital and anything more requires an application.

Windsor Regional Vice President Rosemary Petrakos says the board met Friday to address the question.

"The board really needs more information so that they can make an informed choice and that's why we reached out to the Attorney General's  office to says 'tell us about the process and also what timelines are associated with the process"

Petrakos says the board needs more information.

"What we were asking for is feedback on the approval process for the application to implement the safe access zone, which allows a 150-metres from the hospital property line"

She explains the 150-metre zone is quite large.

"It would even go past Walker, when we're looking west it would go more into the residential areas of Chilver and Windermere, when we're looking south it's Vimy and beyond and then north it's almost to, past Mohawk"

Petrakos says no hospital in Ontario that's applied has yet been granted the 150-metre zone.

For several years a group called "40 Days of Life" has demonstrated around the hospital in opposition to abortion.

The hospital has been told their plan is to limit their protest to the Tecumseh Road area up to April 17, 2019.

The hospital is requesting any advocacy be safe and respectful and be limited to Tecumseh Road.