Windsor Regional's CEO Advises Caution Getting A 2nd Opinion

The President and CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital encourages people to get a second opinion if they get a diagnosis that doesn't feel right to them.

But David Musyj also cautions people to be careful about chasing a solution that isn't possible.

He says cases like the one AM800's Mike Kakuk's dad went through are not uncommon, although it's mostly cancer cases locally.

Speaking on the Lynn Martin Show, Musyj says many doctors at Detroit area hospitals are able to handle the unique situations that Canadian patients present and will work with a doctor in Canada to deliver the care under OHIP where it won't cost the patient.

Musyj adds that patients need to follow the right process when getting treatment in the US:  "you can't get the procedure and then try to bill OHIP after the procedure, they won't approve it. So you need pre-approval and in the documentation discussions we have with patients we say listen, if you're thinking of being re-imbursed by OHIP you need pre-approval"

He says people have to be aware the costs of exploring a second opinion can add up.

Musyj says the cost of the consultation for a second opinion isn;t covered, but it's usually in the hundreds, not thousands, of dollars.

He says many patients have found a solution to their medical situation, but in other cases after a 2nd or even 3rd opinion and all the costs — they're in the same place.