Windsor Researcher And Team Receives $16M

A funding boost to a Windsor researcher studying the Great Lakes is being called a "game changer."

Dr. Aaron Fisk and his team of researchers from Carleton, Trent and Western Universities have received $15.9-million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science along with the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth.

Speaking on the Afternoon News, Dr. Fisk says the funding will be used for cutting-edge technology - gathering and transmitting data in real-time.

"What this does is it allows us to have equipment in the water 24-7, pretty much as long as we want, so we get these incredibly comprehensive data sets, the other cool thing about these instruments is that it can connect to us cellularly," says Dr. Fisk.

He thinks this area takes the Great Lakes for granted.

"Things happen really quickly in aquatic systems and if the program study these changes and manage the Great Lakes, we need to have that quick turnaround time on data."

Dr. Fisk expects the equipment will be purchased later this year and hopefully will be deployed in the fall and the bulk of it in 2019.

"It is a game changer for the University of Windsor and the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research," he says. "This is the largest CFI grant that Windsor has ever had."

He points out the Great Lakes is under threat by climate change, evasive species and algae blooms and having up-to-date data is vital.