Windsor Resident Recognized for Life-Changing Transformation

A Windsor man is being recognized for transforming his life.

Vince Mastrogiacomo was diagnosed with diabetes in his late '20's after bad habits caught up with him. After not adjusting his lifestyle he wound up developing kidney disease when he was just 40 years old and by 44 his kidneys failed.

Standing just over 6', his weight drop dangerously from 170lbs to 105lbs before his mother donated one of her kidney's to give him a new lease on life in 2015.

That's when Mastrogiacomo decided to get serious about changing his ways. He joined Goodlife Fitness and enlisted the help of trainer Kyle Essery — working his way up to a healthy 165lbs this year and into the finals of the GoodLife Fitness Transformation Challenge.


Progress photo of Vince Mastrogiacomo from Dec. 2015 (left) and May 2019. (Photo courtesy of GoodLife Fitness)

He says being recognized for overcoming his struggle feels great, but his main goal is to convey a message to those who don't think they can't do it too.

"It's nice to have the recognition, but with my story I'm trying to convey a message about making healthier choices. It's all about quality of life," he says."Try to get healthier both mentally and physically and everything will take care of itself, step by step. It's a process and it's not something that will happen overnight because it's a journey."

Essery tells AM800 News Mastrogiacomo wasn't the only one learning through the process.

"The stories and the pictures don't do enough justice for what I've seen with his personal growth. Even myself as a trainer, it's been an opportunity for me to grow and be challenged," says Essery. "For that person to be able to learn and be pushed through that journey — finding someone like Vince — obviously he had already been through a lot of adversity. To see this person come in ... I didn't know how strong Vince was until after I worked with him."

Voting for the nationwide contest wraps Monday night.