Windsor Resident Wants Council To Re-Consider Tendering Process For Pelissier Street Parking Garage

The Pelissier Street Parking Garage is back on the agenda tonight at Windsor city council.

Council will be asked to approve the tender to remove the retail space on the ground floor and convert it to 43 parking spots.

As heard on AM800 news last month, the the lowest bid came in 75% higher than budgeted.

Council earmarked $500,000 for the project but the lowest price came in at $880,000.

Windsor resident R.J. Potomski is speaking at tonight's meeting.

He plans to ask council to re-consider the entire tendering process and also re-consider the project.

Potomski says council needs to start the tendering process over.

"If they're asking for an increase in the funds that should be considered a re-consideration right there because it's not what they voted on before."

Potomski says he does not like the way the city has handled the entire Pelissier Street Parking Garage saga.

"The funding should be part of a re-consideration.  The whole thing should be re-considered including the funding.  I don't think they should be able to just add on, I think they should re-consider the whole thing because it's the whole picture they have to look at."

Potomski feels it's not fair for the city to work with the lowest bidder to reduce the price.

"How do you put out something for tender, that you have four or five companies bidding on it and then you take the lowest one and say we're going to change our specs and we'd like you to re-bid on it just for one person.  I think there's a problem with that, it should be put out for tender again."

Last November, council voted in favour of removing the retail space on the ground floor and convert into parking spots.

Since then, the two businesses that where located on the ground floor have since moved.