Windsor Roads Punished By Extreme Cold

Pavement on Windsor roads is suffering under these brutal temperatures.

The prolonged frigid conditions have created many stress heaves and ridges on city streets.

Executive Director of Operations in the Public Works Department Dwayne Dawson says that's led to damage.

He says it's the frost under the pavement that's causing the problem.

"The extreme cold as it stays on longer, obviously the frost penetrates further," explains Dawson. "It heaves and you'll see uneven pavement and some cracking"

He says clearing the snow adds to the damage.

"Potholes start to form as the plows go over and pop the edges off with the plow blades" says Dawson "What will happen is in the spring the pavement will return back down to its normal state but we'll have obviously the cracks formed over the winter as well"

He says one roadway seems to be suffering the most damage.

"There's a couple of sections of the EC Row on the off ramps that were already in relatively poor condition" says Dawson "Once the road's in poor condition and you go through some freeze-thaw, the potholes tend to form a little quicker because the road is already cracked and broken"

Dawson says patching crews are out daily to keep up with the damage.

He says spotters are travelling the streets to identify pothole locations and 3-1-1 calls are a help.