Windsor Rotary 1918 Launches Centennial Celebrations

Windsor's original Rotary Club is kicking off a year-long centennial celebration.

The Rotary Club of Windsor 1918 was one of the first 4 clubs established in Canada.

Centennial Committee Chair Maureen Lucas says the group includes 8 past presidents and 9 other members.


Rotary Club of Windsor 1918 Centennial Committee Chair Maureen Lucas (via LinkdIn)

Lucas says work on these celebrations started 2 years ago.

"Planned, got excited about it, and knew we were going to do something really meaningful this year" says Lucas "It's very exciting, it took 2 years but we're here today and we're really excited about what the next year will bring"

Lucas says the committee developed a number of projects and events.

"We all just talked about what were the key pieces to making not just a successful event, but an entire year that would make our community proud" explains Lucas "So piece by piece it felt like it was going to be forever in the future and here we are today"

Lucas says one project is the centrepiece of the year.

"The piece we're doing with the City of Windsor downtown on the riverfront we hope that visitors from near and far are going to come and they're not just going to see a wonderful community project" says Lucas "But they're going to see Rotary as a partner with the city"


Rotary Club of Windsor 1918 Centennial celebration displa (by AM800's Peter Langille)

In addition to the Centennial Plaza, the Rotary Club is working with the county and ERCA on the Centennial Hub, connecting trails across the county.

There are also scholarships, international projects , a speaker series and a museum exhibit as part of the centennial.