Windsor's 31st Annual Psychic Expo Underway At The Caboto Club

It's the 31st year for Windsor's largest International Psychic Expo. 

Close to 100 people sauntered around the Caboto Club Saturday to take in some presentations, look at books, crystals, and even sit down for a one-on-one psychic reading.

Organizer Linda Fulcher tells AM800 News it's a fun day out on the weekend whether you're a believer or not.

"For anyone who's interested in the paranormal or psychicness, for anybody who's maybe had dreams or deyj vue, they have a feeling something's going to happen and then it happens and they start going, what the heck? How did I know that," she says. "That's when you start to get interested; you start to have experiences yourself."

Fulcher says there's some satisfaction to knowing you may help a total stranger.

"It's fun because, it's like when people have this ability they can help someone. I guess it's the same kind of good feeling you get when someone comes up and says hey buddy, how do I get to so and so? You say oh, well, you just go down here and make a right and there you are," says Fulcher. "So you're helping someone along the path, directing them where they want to go."

She says its okay to be a skeptic.

"It means that you trust your own intuition and ability to make decisions and plan out your life, but at the same time none of us are in control everything," she says. "It is kind of cool that we've got some outside views sometimes and I would say just come with an open mind."

The expo continues at the Caboto Club from 11am to 7pm Sunday.

General admission for shows and demonstrations is $10, readings cost extra.