Windsor's Harbourmaster Honoured by U.S. Coast Guard

Windsor's Harbourmaster has been given a rare honour from the US Coast Guard.

Peter Berry received a Public Service Commendation for work with the US Coast Guard over his ten-years in the position — an honour that he says hasn't been given to a Canadian official in recent memory.

Berry tells AM800 News the relationship he's developed with his American peers has grown exponentially over the years.

"It's unusual to see two-countries working close together like this …We just sit on various committees do different work groups with them. We really pitch in with each other and we take care of business," he says.

According to Berry, a similar mandate with the US Coast Guard makes co-operation a necessity.

"It's in keeping with the mission of the coast guard for the safe and efficient navigation of the waterway and the law enforcement side of it," he says. "Working side-by-side like I have with the coast guard ... they were very kind to give me the commendation."

Berry says the next project agencies will team-up on is putting together a plan for Detroit River traffic during the construction of the Gordie Howe International Bridge.

"When things are being raised up or attached to the bridge platform, there can't be anything underneath it. So there can't be a paddleboard up to a large ship. A falling cable, a piece of structural steel or concrete from that height will kill people," added Berry, who goes on to say thousands of vessels use the shipping channel throughout the year.

He says up to now the largest co-ordinated effort between the US and Canada is for the annual Ford Fireworks show — it takes 26-agencies to shut down the river for five-hours for the event.