Windsor's Insurance Claims From The August Storm Tops In Ontario

Windsor is number one again, but not for a reason people will like.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada is out with the total of weather related damages for the past 12 months.

Across Ontario, the tally is $500-million — Windsor had the single highest number at $160-million from last August's rain storm.

The IBC Director Consumer and Industry Relations Pete Karageorgeous says, the frequency of that kind of event is increasing.

"Focused on 2017 as we all can remember, October 2016 we had a similar event that struck the Windsor and Tecumseh area that resulted in similar amounts of damage so unfortunately these things are happening with greater regularity," says Karageorgeous.

He says insurance premiums are based on these kinds of numbers. "It's an upward trend, if the trends dictate we're seeing these types of events on a regular basis it would impact premiums, because premiums follow claims and so if we have situations where we're seeing more and more claims premiums would have to follow."

Karageorgeous says homeowners should always shop around to get the best coverage at the lowest rate.

He says the IBC is still gathering information on the recent April storms that damaged the Leamington and Pelee Island shorelines.