Windsor's Mayor Aims For A Tax Increase Less than 1%

Windsor's mayor is hoping to get the final budget tax increase down by more than half of what is currently being proposed.

City councillors will be deliberating the budget on Monday and Tuesday of next week and the draft budget is calling for a property tax increase of 2.6%.

"This year, I'm shooting for a tax increase that is lower than 1%," says Mayor Drew Dilkens on AM800's the Lynn Martin Show.

"Lower than 1% but not having to cut services to get there either," he says. "That's important to me as well so I would call what I see this budget as, I would call it a status quo budget."

Dilkens points out there are also some enhancements included in the budget.

"If you look at bulk garbage pick collection where we charge $20 an item in 2017, we are proposing to make it $10 per item."

After eight years of tax freezes, the 2017 budget had a 1.5% tax increase.