Windsor's Mayor in Favour of Waiving Jurassic Park Fees

The question of whether and how much the city should contribute to any future Jurassic Park events is expected to come to council Monday night.

The gathering Sunday night at Charles Clark Square drew over 2700 people to support the Toronto Raptors run in the NBA Finals, but it was a for-profit event and the organizers paid a $650 fee.

Initially the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association was asked to host the event, but they deferred.

As a result the city has no policy allowing for the waiver of fees for a private event.

Speaking on the Lynn Martin Show on AM800, Mayor Drew Dilkens says council should consider waiving the fees this one time.

"Our policy doesn't provide for a waiver of fees, now city council can always decide to do that, I think that may actually be an appropriate thing to waive the fees because is a community event.  But the difference with this Jurassic Park compared to many of the others is that this is actually in many ways a for-profit event."

He says what the Agostino brothers did is positive.

"I applaud the initiative of these business people to put together an event that they thought was going to bring down thousands of people to the area, it did. They likely made a lot of money which is great.  But the difference here is compared to Mississauga, they had 20,000 people, no liquor sales strictly forbidden."

Dilkens says he hopes council waives the fees for the Jurassic Park event this Friday.

He adds, you can't underestimate the power of sport to bring a community together.