Windsor's Mayor Issues Plan To Battle Rising Crime

Windsor's mayor is alarmed at the sharp increase in crime over the past year and is launching a plan to reverse the trend.

Drew Dilkens has released a nine-point plan called "Zero Tolerance for Crime" to address the challenge.

It includes hiring 12 additional officers on top of the 12 that are already being added to the police force and the creation of an eight-officer downtown foot patrol.

He says many of the people Windsor police deal with are wanted in other communities.

"The message today is that we are not going to set back and let this continue," says Dilkens.  "So if you are wanted on a warrant some where else and police have an interaction with you and they see a criminal history that is disturbing to them and they know you're not from the community and that you're wanted on a warrant somewhere else, we will send you back."       

Dilkens says this is not a campaign issue and is separate from what he's proposing as a candidate.

"I'm a candidate but I'm still the mayor and people expect action to happen," says Dilkens.  "They expect us to look at what's going on and we can't wait until December 1st for the next council to make a decision here.  We have to make action and take action now, get the resources in place because I fear this can get worse before it gets better."      

He says funding for the 12 new officers will cost $1.4-million and that will be found through the budget process.

Dilkens says the federal and provincial government have not kept up with the resources needed to address the crime issue in Windsor.

He points out that the two levels of government still owe Windsor about $4-million in grants for items like prisoner transport.