Windsor's Mayor Pushing For A More Diverse City Hall

With 48% of employees at Windsor City Hall eligible to retire in the next five years, Windsor's mayor is pushing to make sure the new hires represent the city as a whole.

Mayor Drew Dilkens has asked city administration to prepare a report that focuses on diversity and inclusion of future city hall employees.

He says it's not a criticism of Windsor City Hall. "Partly that's a function of having a really great workplace where people get hired, they work for 30 years and then they retire and that's exactly the situation we are in right now."

The report will include input from the diversity committee before coming to Windsor City Council.

Dilkens says this is still about hiring the best people for the job. "This is not about forcing diversity in the workplace, this is making sure that we choose the right people and that we choose the best candidate for the job and that the process and hiring policies aren't exclusionary by nature."

A report is expected back within the next three to four months.

There are 2,500 employees at Windsor City Hall.