Windsor's New Reservoir Expected To Be Operational By June

Windsor's new $30-million drinking water reservoir is nearing completion.

EnWin's Vice President of Water Operations Gary Rossi says the majority of construction is done.

Rossi says they'll begin testing in May with a goal of having the reservoir fully operational by late June.

He says some minor work still has to be done.

"There's still the connections to the pump station and to the treatment plant. In addition to that, we also have the baffling which is inside the reservoir itself. That still has yet to be completed. Then we have the testing and commissioning. So leak testing and so forth."

He says the addition will allow for repairs to the existing reservoir.

"It not only offers us additional capacity in the event of an issue, but it also provides us the ability to rehabilitate the other sole reservoir we have which will be something that will be taking place probably within the next year or so."

He says they'll be looking to rehabilitate the original reservoir as well.

"It's been there since the early 1950's. So we're anticipating there could be, hopefully, nothing too major. We don't have any indication of any leaks or anything, but inside, you don't know until you really get into it and see what the condition of the concrete is."

Rossi says the project remains on time and on budget.

Construction began last March on the new reservoir located next to the Bert Weeks Water Treatment Plant on Wyandotte Street East.