Windsor's Off-Road Cycling Project Comes Before City Council

After several public consultations, city staff are ready to present a plan for off-road cycling in Windsor.

It will a year come November that a group of cycling enthusiast had their hand built off-road track in east Windsor's Little River Park flattened by the city.

The issue went all the way to council chambers —  the city cited liability and safety concerns before choosing to move forward  - but the public's voice was heard and plans began for city made facilities.

Malden Park and Little River Park are the proposed locations and the city's Executive Director of Parks and Recreation, Jan Wilson says work isn't done yet, but the work is being done with input from stake holders.

"There's a group that's forming and becoming incorporated who would like to continue working with city on a formal and official basis as we develop these trails and the ongoing maintenance," she says. "They are fully supportive of us moving forward the way we have."

The proposal outlines new pump or tracks, multi-purpose trails, and single nature trails. She says feedback hasn't been completely positive on some aspects, but compromises continue to be made on both sides.

"Trail systems are difficult within the one park but we certainly expand on what's there, but they're looking for more," says Wilson. "That's the kind of feedback that we're getting but very positive from both the pump track and the single track cyclists."

Even if council approves the report, the public will still have a chance to help add final details.

"For those we would go back to the community and the stakeholders for their ideas on the specific designs in those locations," says Wilson.

Wilson added Black Oaks Heritage Park hasn't been forgotten. The city is still waiting on environmental assessments to be complete before they can look at any cycling use in designated areas.

Windsor City Council meets at 6pm Monday night at city hall.