Windsor's Police Chief Says Many Recommendations In Place

Windsor's Police Chief is generally supportive of the recommendations made in the police oversight report from Justice Tulloch.

The 263-page document includes 129 recommendations affecting the 3 agencies, including the SIU, that are police watchdogs in Ontario.

Chief Al Frederick says he and other police leaders had an opportunity to make submissions, so there was balance to the report.

Chief Frederick says they have moved ahead on a lot of the recommendations, particularly those relating to transparency and accountability.

He says much of the details that would be in an SIU report is made public in Windso already since his report on those investigations is released to the Police Services Board.:

Chief Frederick is glad the report recommends not releasing the name of an officer cleared of wrongdoing in an incident:  "I was a strong proponent to maintain the identity of any person whose under investigation that their identity should be held private until which time they're charged with an offence.  That's the same right extended to all Canadians and police officers are subject to that as well"

He says the report has a lot of detail and he will meet with the senior leadership team next week to go over the recommendations in detail.