Windsor's Population Highest Ever In City History

Windsor has the highest population ever in the city's history.

New census data released Wednesday found Windsor's population last year was over 217,000, up 3% from 2011.

City Planner Thom Hunt says it is great news for the city because it proves that people are moving back to the city and the economy is rebounding.

The data also found the growth was "evenly distributed" throughout the city from the west end, south Windsor, east end and the downtown.

Hunt says it is great to see that kind of growth across the city.

"We knew that we had lost some folks and those folks are back and they are higher than they were previously so that means there is new opportunity for  residential development and new lands that will come available to house those folks," says Hunt.

He also pointed out that more people are moving to within city boundaries.

"The city took 62% of the population increase in the total region," says Hunt. "That was a bigger increase so more people were deciding to move into the city than the county municipalities combined, which is a  reversal of the trend that was previously happening."

According to StatsCan, the population growth accelerated the most in Windsor as there was a 1.3% decline from 2006 to 2011.  The drop during that period was attributed to the automotive sector which was affected by the 2008-09 recession.