Windsor's Sandpoint Beach is Finally Open


Sandpoint Beach in Windsor is officially open for the season after a month delay.

Supervisor of Community Programming, Greg Rusk says the beach will be ready to use on Friday.

He says clean-up and beach grading is now in the final stages after parks and recreation staff were delayed because of poor weather and extremely high water levels.

Rusk says the beach usually opens in June.

"The beach was in really rough shape and every time we went to fix it, we have another storm and it created more problems for us," he says. "So we had to wait until we could actually get in and it was dried out a little bit and make it easily accessible for people to get into the water."      

Rusk says a lot of work was done at the park.

"We had to re-put in the lines, the water had moved them, so we had to re-establish the buoy lines to make it safe for swimming and just general clean up," he says. "There was a lot of debris and things that had come in through the winter time that had to be cleaned off the beach before we could even start."

But he stresses that users need to be aware and be cautious when entering the water.

"It is a lot higher than it was last year," says Rusk.  "So where you use to be able to walk out and it would up to chest high, it might be closer to over your head at that point this year."

Staff will install accessible mats at the beach once clean-up and grading are complete.

The five-acre site park also includes beach volleyball nets, a play unit and washroom facilities.

The city is also reminding visitors that lifeguards are on duty daily, from 1pm-7pm, depending on the weather and water conditions.

The beach is located on Riverside Dr.


With files from Rob Hindi