Windsor's St. Clair College Graduates Largest Class Ever

A historic milestone for Windsor's St.Clair College.

It's the first time the college has had to relocate it's convocation off it's own property.

With 5,800 people receiving diplomas this year, it was necessary to find a venue large than the Chrysler Theatre downtown.

Vice-President of Communications and Community Relations, John Fairley, says if they had stayed at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts, graduation would take a week.

"We would probably have to have probably ten or eleven graduations to get all the programs in," he says. "So for the first time we're moving the Windsor convocation sessions off-site of the college and going to the WFCU Centre."

Photo of the WFCU Centre

AM800 file photo

Fairley says the largest increase in enrolment has been at the Zekelman School of Business and Information Technology.

"That has benefited from the biggest jump in growth and graduates. So with that our international students that are here studying from abroad, a lot of them are business students and information technology students, so that's probably one of the biggest bounces," he says.

Fairley says the college is one of three in the province that operate year-round and that's boosted enrolment.

"We are now a 12 month college. It's not just starting to close down and have certain rooms with the lights off  during the summer," he says. "We now have full intakes for students in May. So I think this will be the number we're going to be looking at."

Tuesday's first session is at 1:30pm with a second session at 6:30pm at the east-end arena.

There will be convocation ceremonies at the same times on Wednesday for graduates from the Zekelman School, with two more sessions Friday at the Chatham Campus.