Windsor's Sterling Fuels Receives Environmental Award

Windsor's Sterling Fuels is being recognized for its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Union Gas has awarded the company nearly $33,000 for a series of projects that reduced energy use.

Sterling President Peter Kelly says the main work that made a difference was insulating their tanks and pipelines.

He says part of the analysis was how much insulation to add and they worked along with Union Gas to get the project right.

"Finding out what those sweet spots are, we had Union Gas come in here, we were doing some projects they took a look at them and made some suggestions for us," says Kelly.

Union Gas' Project Manager Haris Ahmadzai, says he was very pleased to work jointly with Sterling in creating these opportunities for energy conservation and cost savings.

Sterling has received a number of environmental awards over the years including one from ERCA for its dock construction project.