Windsor Seeks Public Input For Active Transportation Plan

The city of Windsor wants input to develop a new Active Transportation Plan.

Walk Wheel Windsor will use survey data and public meetings over the next 18-months to determine how residents see the future of human powered transportation.

Manager of Transportation and Planning Josette Eugeni tells AM800 News everything from walking to biking falls under the plan.

"What we're looking to find out is why active transportation is important to our community and what would encourage them to choose active mobility options more often," she says. "We'll begin with an evaluation of existing conditions and move towards identifying what our vision is for active transportation for our city.

While bike lanes and paths have been prominent in the news, Eugeni says the plan will include more than just open space for activities.

"Are there any gaps, and how do we close those gaps? It's beyond just infrastructure, what kind of programs or policies can be put in place to support and encourage active choices," she says.

The first official public event will be held on April 22 at Malden Park — the online portion of the study will end June 29.

Eugeni says anyone who arrives car free on Earth Day will have a chance at a door prize.