Windsor South Little League Concession Stand Hit By Thieves Twice This Week

The Windsor South Little League is trying to recover its losses after its concession stand was hit twice by thieves in one week.

Sometime between Sunday and Tuesday, suspects took more than $200, along with hot dogs and pop.

The window was repaired and secured but the next day, it was hit again.

"They had used a crowbar and pried it open and the second time they took everything," says league Vice President Rob Blondin.  "Basically they cleared us out of everything that would fit through the window, leaving us the freezer, the frig, and slushie machine that wasn't working properly."

Rob Blondin admits the thefts are discouraging.  He estimates the total value of the items and cash stolen at $2,500.

"We are just trying to get kids to play baseball, we are a non-profit and to think...what are they taking pop and hotdogs for?"

He believes the same suspects are responsible for both thefts. 


Courtesy of Windsor South Little League

In addition, the Windsor South Little League is scheduled to host a provincial tournament in three weeks.  

Windsor police has been contacted.