Windsor Students To Explore Lost Black Cemeteries In Essex County

A group of Windsor students is looking to document some lost local history.

Senior students in the Grade 11 geography and Grade 12 history classes at Academie Ste-Cecile International School are going to record and collect data from headstones found in four black cemeteries in Essex County to create a database.

Students will  make note of the location, family name, date of death, condition of the headstone and take a picture of the gravestone.

"Piece together this history of African Canadians and escape slaves and freedmen who came over to Essex County," says student Jason Leung.  "This, we believe, will help African Canadians of today delve into their history and delve their heritage and learn more about their ancestry."

He says the cemeteries will be visited April 12.

"We will then compile all the information that we have gathered into a website and present this to the town of Essex which will hopefully host the link on their website."

Leung hopes the final product will be presented to the town of Essex on May 7

--With files from AM800's Ricardo Veneza