Windsor Taxi Drivers Protest Proposed Uber Regulations

Windsor cab drivers are currently at city hall calling for fairness regarding the regulation of Uber drivers.

Council is debating whether or not to allow the ride company to operate under their own regulations in the city.                                                                                                      

Dozens of taxi drivers held a protest outside city hall prior to the council meeting.

The current proposal brought before council would allow Uber drivers to continue to operate in the city.The drivers would be regulated by Uber, would not require the use of cameras in their vehicles and would not require a Windsor Police background check.

Chairperson of Unifor local 195's Vets Cab Unit Marwin Abouzeeni says Uber drivers should face the same regulations as taxi drivers.

He says Uber drivers should at least be required to have a police background check.

"Our members have to have a venerable rider section check through Windsor Police," says Abouzeeni. "Uber wants to do their own sector check. They do not want to do it through our Windsor Police department. I can not believe this."

Abouzeeni says taxi services follow the regulations set by council because they know they are there to protect Windsorites.

"We are the ones that you, your parents, your grandmother, your grandfather trust us with your kids," says Abouzeeni. "Why? Because they know we are safe. We are insured and we are protected by the cameras in all of our vehicles."

He says he is worried Uber will let anyone drive citizens un-checked.

"Our taxi drivers have been through hell to obtain their taxi permit," says Abouzeeni. "Now Uber is coming to Windsor but they are not going to do the same things I do. The city says Uber is going to do it at will. You guys think about it.  At will. What does 'at will' mean to me? It means nothing."

Abouzeeni says every year cab drivers have to renew their licenses before the city and safety check their vehicles.

He says if Uber drivers care about the safety of their passengers, they should be required to do the same.