Windsor Teen Gets Probation Stemming From A Viral Bullying Video

A Windsor teen has been sentenced to probation for her role in a bullying video that went viral.

The girl, who can not be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, will be on probation for two years which includes some counseling.

She is the first of the youths who pleaded guilty to assault.

Back in November, a video went viral of a group of teens punching, pushing and taunting a girl with cerebral palsy at the corner of Pillette and Wyandotte.

The video had one-million hits.

The girl's defence lawyer John Sitter says his client has suffered the consequences outside of court.

"Outside in the community, she is also being sentenced," says Sitter.  "She has had to move, she has physically been hurt, she has been attacked, she has been expelled from all schools and she is a smart girl that got involved in something that she shouldn't have."

He says his client has admitted responsibility and turned herself in.

"She has been totally ostracized in the community completely, she is a pariah and she is looking to get her way back into things and hopefully there is some forgiveness and people will understand that people make mistakes."

In handing down the sentence, Justice Micheline Rawlins compared the video to "a pack of wild animals chomping on a defenceless lamb."

Justice Rawlins told the girl the most important part is her ability to learn from this and that education will be her salvation.

The one adult charged in the case, Dylan White,  also pleaded guilty to assault earlier and was given a probation term.

The cases for three other youths are still before court.