Windsor Teen Impaled by Sawed-off Golf Club Continues Her Recovery

A Windsor teen who was impaled by a sawed-off golf club at a Windsor Park continues her intensive therapy, as her lawsuit slowly inches its way through courts.

In May 2016, Madison Arseneault, who was 15-years-old at the time, tripped on a wire during a field trip at the Ford Test Track.

The wire was running along the ground and was tied to a sawed off golf club at one end of a soccer field.

The golf club struck her on the side of the head causing severe injuries and partial paralysis.

The equipment had been set up to paint lines on the soccer field.

The lawsuit against the city, the Greater Essex County District School Board and its supervising teachers is seeking $20-million alleging all were negligent and that the injuries could have been avoided.

Speaking on AM800's the Morning Drive, Madison's mother Shirley says her daughter attends therapy nearly every weekday, she attends school with the help of an educational assistant, has a tutor and still suffers from severe headaches and pain.

"Madison had to relearn everything, she had to learn how to re-sit at the side of the bed, she had to learn how to deal with injuries that cause confusion and pain," she says.

"She is doing much better than was expected of her, except for the fact that the headaches have now gotten to a severe level, her circulation has gotten much worse as well."

Lawyer Jennifer Bezaire says the lawsuit, launched in March 2017, is slowly making its way through the courts.

"A large factor in that is the fact that Madison is so young and we can't get to the point where we can resolve the lawsuit until we know what the future holds for her.  These lawsuits sometimes can go on for years and years."

Arseneault says recently a number of businesses came forward and helped the family renovate the home to make it easily accessible to Madison.