Windsor Tire Shop Days Away From Being Sold Before Fire


The man who was about to take over the Serbu Tire store on Howard Ave. when it burned to the ground on the weekend, says he has no doubt it was arson.

Dave McAngus had been running the business for the past couple of years and was days away from buying it when fire reduced it to rubble early Sunday morning.

He tells AM800 News he had a 1932 Ford hot rod, two Harley Davidson motorcycles and all his tools in the building.

"My son had arranged the finances and all the paperwork was done, I've been running it for Tom for a couple of years. We just didn't finish the paperwork so the insurance wasn't on the place," says McAngus.

He says what was a bright future has now evaporated.

"Now we've got to pay for cleanup. How do I eat for the next six months until I get another job? It's going to be fun," says McAngus.


Serbu Tire Shop, destroyed by fire, June 24, 2019 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

The Sunday morning fire collapsed the roof on the building and caused $500,000 in damage.

The Windsor Police Arson Unit examined the scene and now consider the fire to be suspicious.

McAngus believes there should be video of a truck leaving the scene moments before the flames began.

He says there's no doubt in his mind it was arson.

"I think it was purposely set.  After that vehicle left, you could see a glow through the window on the camera," says McAngus.