Windsor To Commemorate 75th Anniversary Of Dieppe Raid

Windsor will be commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid.

On August 19, 1942, the Essex Scottish Regiment was almost completely decimated in battle.

It suffered 121 casualties in the Dieppe Raid and by the end of the war, the Essex Scottish Regiment had suffered more than 550 fatalities.

Windsor will be holding a ceremony tomorrow at 1pm at Dieppe Gardens — six hours earlier a similar ceremony will take place in Dieppe France.

Michael Beale, a past commanding officer Delta Company with the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment says some Windsorites are in Dieppe France to mark the occasion.

"We have a group of almost 70 Canadians that are buses touring Europe right now and they will be gathering in Dieppe France on Aug 19th at 1pm their time and six hours later we will be doing it here in Windsor at the sister monument at Dieppe Gardens," says Beale. 


Courtesy of Andrea Grimes

Beale says it was a tragic day for a lot of Windsorites 75 years ago.

"The day of the raid, there wasn't a family that was not touched by the loss or the capture of those Canadians, they were either directly involved or knew of someone. "The regiment suffered mightly, our community suffered mightly, and our job function now is that those who are here is to remember them."

The Chimczuk Museum will also launch an exhibit to honour the sacrifices made in Dieppe called "Sacrifice and Courage: The Dieppe Raid Remembered."

The exhibit will feature personal items that belonged to the soldiers including information about their lives before, during and after the war.