Windsor Toddler Donates To In Honour Of The Ones We Love

It is one of the yongest donors to walk through the doors at the 'In Honour of the Ones we Love' office.

Thursday afternoon, 3-year-old Milania Saroli and her mother donated $265, collected after approaching family, friends and workers.

Milania's mother Rita has helped out with the Ronald McDonald House and In Honour of the Ones We Love and she just wanted to teach her children to do the same.

Milania is a bright, healthy, articulate little girl and when asked who she was helping, she yelled out, 'sick kids!'


Milania Saroli and her mother Rita donate to the In Honour of the Ones We Love. May 17, 2018 (Courtesy of In Honour of the Ones We Love)

Group Founder Anita Imperioli says it warmed her heart.

"I think it is just amazing," she says. "Amazing for her mother, her family are all behind this little girl. It is just so heartwarming to see it, that these little children are out there and understanding what it is about."

The funds will be used for the 'Kids Beating Cancer: Honourable Ninjas Program.'