Windsor West MP Masse Calls For Audit On Billion Dollar Passport Surplus

The Canadian passport office is running a significant profit.

Access to information documents have rooted out the fact there's a surplus of more than $1-billion.

Windsor West MP Brian Masse is incensed and is calling on the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship to do an audit.

Speaking on the Lynn Martin Show on AM800, Masse says the surplus goes as far back as the Harper government when it raised the cost of a passport.

He says the change in the passport to a longer valid time was the start.

"It was increased significantly with the 10 year passport, some would argue that there will be less renewals, which is fine but the reality is we never wanted this document to be a cash cow for the government," says Masse.

He points out there was a $37-million surplus at one point which has now skyrocketed to $1-billion which he calls 'totally unacceptable.'

"We want to know where the money's going and why it wasn't redirected to reducing the cost of the passport because again it's changed from, I know I remember when I was a kid and I first crossed the border, I used my library card, my Windsor Public Library card to cross the border"

Masse has introduced a private members bill calling for the audit and to make a passport free for Canadian Forces Veterans and half price for seniors.