Windsor West MP Sees No Interest in Reviving Abortion Debate

Longtime Windsor New Democrat MP Brian Masse sees no appetite for reviving the abortion issue in Canada.

With several US states enacting laws that restrict and in some cases ban abortions it's become a hot topic on social media.

Windsor West New Democrat MP Brian Masse doesn't believe there's any political interest for any Canadian party to take that position.

He says most Canadians are not on the same page as far-right Americans.

"It really comes down to a core principal though, whether or not you believe a woman has the right to make determinations about herself and her body and her family and all the different things.  So as the debate continues south of the border, we have to keep in mind there's different laws and different judicial systems over here."

Masse says the question has been raised occasionally, but never with any clear mandate to go forward.

"You'll hear that mostly on the conservative side by all means is where they try to get votes from individuals kind of giving that as a front, but the reality is Andrew Scheer and even Stephen Harper had a decade in government and still didn't move on the issue."

He says even political parties on the right of the spectrum shy away from pushing for a ban on abortions.

"The Conservatives have been trying to use this as a wedge issue if they can when it politically satisfies that desire.  But at the same time they pull away from it when it gets to the other part of their group that is concerned about it so what happens in the US is still different than us here so.  For us here in Canada we need to just keep that in context."

Masse points out the Canadian judicial system works differently than the American one.