Windsor Woman Fights Passport Canada Policy

A Windsor woman has filed a complaint with Passport Canada over a policy that fails to meet the needs of those with disabilities.

Rebecca Blaevoet, who is blind, asked staff at the Riverside Dr location to write out her renewal form but was told that would violate official guidelines.

A staff member eventually placed a writing guide on each individual line so she could fill out the application herself.

But Blaevoet says that option wouldn't work for those whose disabilities prevent them from holding a pen or writing in print.

Speaking on AM800's the Afternoon News, Blaevoet says she was surprised that it was a Passport Canada policy.

"I wasn't sure that it was an official policy and then to think that it could be is quite amazing," says Blaevoet.  "Lots of people are dealing with Passport Canada who maybe don't have english or french as their first language so maybe reading an application form is a challenge."

Passport Canada says the rule barring staff from filling in forms on behalf of others is applied across the country and there is no exemption in place for Canadians with disabilities.