Windsor Woman Sentenced After Victim Loses An Eye

A 40-year-old Windsor woman has been sentenced to 12 months behind bars and two years probation for an attack that another woman her eye.

Melissa Dawn Leroux-Seguin was convicted of aggravated assault after a May 2015 attack on another woman in a west-end alley.

The court was told that a smaller fight between the victim and another woman escalated when the victim threw a beer can at Leroux-Seguin.

Her testimony indicated she lost control and blacked out, not recalling what she had done.

The court was told Leroux-Seguin has had a difficult life with an abusive father and violent relationship with her brother and husband.

She also suffers from mental and physical illness, substance abuse and is on the Ontario Disability Support Program because of that.

Her lawyer Ken Marley hopes the sentence leads to a better life for his client. "She may even be eligible to receive treatment related to drug abuse while she's in custody.  There are several facilities in the province that have that available. Whether she'll get there or not, I don't know but that would certainly be helpful to her."

"This was a domestic situation that got out of control," says Marley. "The offence that she was sentence for was the very end of a really unfortunate incident where three women got into an altercation with one another, fighting over a man. It's unfortunate that it happened at all, that it started at all."

Marley says a case like this sends a clear message. "Resorting to violence is completely inappropriate and should never happen.  And I think what this says is that if you do resort to violence, either because you deliberately do it or even if you just lose control and do it, you should expect that you're going to be punished seriously."

In handing down the sentence, Justice Verbeem told Leroux-Seguin the incident was the product of rage and losing self control.

He says he took into account that she has accepted some responsibility and has some remorse about the permanent and profound injury to her victim.