Windsor Woman Shares CRA Scam Experience

A Windsor area woman who was approached in the so-called CRA scam is speaking out.

Preferring to be called "Donna" the woman says she was called last week by the scammers.

She says the call included a threat of jail: "they were calling to threaten me, telling me that I had done fraud with the Revenue of Canada with taxes owing"

Donna says the call did scare her.

She says the scammers gave up when she pushed back;  "I asked some questions because I didn't understand what they were telling me and they just wouldn't give up, stating I was gong to be charged on federal tax fraud.  I told them I was going to call a lawyer, and as soon as I did they hung up"

Last month the RCMP launched its "Crush the CRA Scam" campaign.

RCMP Sargeant John Mecher indicates the scam has already taken in thousands of people who have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.