Windsor Women Releases Book For Women With Cancer

A local woman has written a book for women with cancer.

It includes hundreds of tips and resources for those who are having treatment and healing.

The book is called 'Healing Pretty'.

Author of the book, Jackie Apostol-Pizzuti, owns a cancer boutique in Windsor.

The boutique helps women going through cancer by providing them with advice, wigs and other tips.

She says the book is based off of her experiences running the boutique.

"What stands out mostly is the anxiety level of my clients. They are really overwhelmed and there is so many things going on at the moment they are diagnosed that they can not control. This book is based on the things they can control."

Apostol-Pizzuti says the book features plenty of helpful resources for women.

"There is so many resources available for them. We start out with hair loss, what to expect from with hair loss, when and how to shop for a wig, the side effects of treatment. We offer solutions and we just try to help them through the best we can."

She adds cancer affects more women in Windsor-Essex than many believe.

"At this point I have helped over 1,000 women with cancer. So it is from my own personal experience, but really mostly listening to their needs and because of them I can do my job better."

'Healing Pretty' retails for $25.