Windsor Youngster Hoping To Meet WWE Star

A Windsor aunt is trying to fulfill her nephew's dream to meet a professional wrestler.

Sabrina Ginnasio says her seven-year-old nephew Michael (Ginnasio) is a die-hard John Cena fan.

"He would be so speechless if he seen John Cena that would be a dream come true for you, yeah he's shaking his head yes," says Ginnasio.

She says Michael was diagnosed shortly after he was born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy. 

Ginnasio says Michael's muscles are weak and his mobility is limited but that doesn't stop him from cheering on his favourite wrestler.

Earlier this week, she made a post on Instagram to see if it was possible for her nephew to meet John Cena in Detroit next Monday.

TAG A WRESTLER BELOW! LETS BE HEARD! I know this will be a long shot... but for Michael, its still worth the shot. I've tweeted, sent emails, posted on FB and now on here. @johncena if you actually see this... Meet Michael. You're BIGGEST FAN! Michael was diagnosed shortly after he was born with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. It is a muscle deteriating disease. As his muscles are weak, his mobility is limited. There is currently no cure... but continue to pray and hope one day for a cure for all those affected.He LIVES and BREATHES @wwe and has John Cenas song ON REPEAT...24/7.... really, he's obsessed. We will be attending his first WWE RAW event this Monday (March 12, 2018) at Little Caesars in Detroit. We've tried to inquire about backstage passes but have been unsuccessful as there seems to be no offerings. (If anyone has any other advice to go about this, please reach out to me) Chancing that the right person sees this post... we are reaching out in hopes that we can make this little boys dreams come true! #heneedsyourmuscles #johncena #wwe #wweraw #fan #wrestler #wwewrestler

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Ginnasio says her family is attending the WWE show at Little Caesars Arena.

"We looked into getting some VIP passes to see if we could meet him because we will be attending the WWE show on Monday," says Ginnasio.  "I believe he's going to be there so I just thought I'd like to try and reach out and see who I can connect to help make his dreams come true because I know Michael would love to see John Cena."    


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She says it means a lot to her and her family for the community commenting and sharing her post. 

"It's been pretty inspiring to see how many people actually care and are helping me try to reach this goal of mine for my nephew," says Ginnasio.  "But no luck as of now."

Ginnasio is asking the community to share her post and tag John Cena and WWE.

AM800's Mike Kakuk has also reached out to World Wrestling Entertainment for the family.