Windsorite To Receive Award From The Queen

A Windsor native will have the chance to meet Queen Elizabeth in London, England.

Alex Deans has received the Queen's Young Leaders award for his work in helping create a device to help blind people navigate.

The device is called iAid, and uses sonar technology to help those with visual impairments move around.

Deans says he will continue to stay in school while working on his projects. "I have to keep up with my program. But I am definitely going to continue to work on both of the projects. In the meantime the Queens leader program also gives us a mentor so I can speak to them and get a game plan going on how to take this project to the next level," says Deans.

He is one of 60 recipients of the award, and will receive a free 10-day  trip toEngland on June 20th, 2017 where he will receive his award from the Queen.