Winner of Windsor Youth Centre Lottery Says It's "Friggin' Awesome."

A Windsor man is getting his motor running.

Randall Campbell purchased three tickets for the Windsor Youth Centre Harley Davidson Lottery and never thought he would win.

But on New Year's Eve, Campbell received a call that he was the winner of the grand prize $25,000 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

"This is friggin' awesome," Said Campbell.

Campbell doesn't ride motorcycles and isn't sure what he will do with his new toy.

He said he purchased the tickets because the money supports a great local charity.

"You buy a lottery ticket, one of the big ones, you don't know where the money goes, but if you buy it for the Windsor Youth Centre, it is affecting all the Windsor kids,"he said.

The lottery raised $30,000 for the Windsor Youth Centre which helps homeless youth.  The centre sees 50 youth a day.

Almost 3,000 tickets were sold.