Wolfhead Wins Awards From International Competition On First Try

Cheers to Wolfhead Distillery.

The Amherstburg facility entered half a dozen of its products in an international taste testing competition in San Francisco.

Two of the products won silver at the World Spirit Awards, the other 4 claimed bronze.

Marketing and Events Coordinator Stephanie Saad says they were shocked at first , then excited.

She says it's a huge accomplishment given the size and status of the competition:  "they had over 2100 entrants for the spirits competition so for us to achieve a silver medal is a pretty huge deal for us so we're ready to be to work with the branding on this it's great"

Saad says this is a Premier spirits event globally, top 3 top 5 one of the best spirits competitions in the world.

She says the tasting was all done without the judges knowing the brand, it's a blind taste test.

Saad says they're already planning to update their labels and website to celebrate the win.

Here are the awards:  SILVER MEDAL, Wolfhead Grapefruit Vodka,  Wolfhead Coffee Whisky Liqueur; BRONZE MEDAL, Wolfhead Vodka, Wolfhead Banana Caramel Vodka, Wolfhead Whisky,  Wolfhead Apple Caramel Whisky.